Dental Clinic

Enjoy your dental treatment during a holiday!


If you send us your dental assessment and/or X-ray we send you a tailor-made but preliminary dental treatment and price offer.
The final treatment plan and price offer will be given based on the examinations completed in our dental clinic.
The dental treatments are in line with the treatment plan and schedule agreed by you and after the treatments are completed we are waiting for you to come back for controls in line with your needs and / or requests.
Our dentists speak German and English in order to have smooth communication with you and the application of world standard technologies and processes used in our dental treatments ensure your satisfaction.

- after arrival we complete your dental checks and assessment, prepare the treatment plan and price offer,
- dental treatment completion in line with the plan, and to spend your time between the treatments there are several programmes and possibilities to enjoy. We offer our help in selecting those if you require our assistance
- we hand over the works prepared for you controls


Of course the dental treatment offered can change in line with your request, time available and the number of treatments required.


Payment Options



We can accept HUF, EUR, USD, CHF and GBP.


Bank Card

Visa, Maestro and Mastercard debit and credit cards. Please consider your payment limit!


Bank Transfer

The amount payable for the treatment must arrive to our bank account before the end of your visit, so please initiate your transfer when the treatment has been started.


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